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6-Month 7x9" Undated Weekly Inserts
Undated Horizontal
Undated Vertical
6-Month Undated Goal-Setting + Weekly Planner Inserts. Available in Horizontal and Vertical layouts, unbound and unpunched.
Please note: These inserts for six months of goal-setting and planning. You will need two sets per year. 

Our 6-month undated weekly planner inserts allow you to bring our signature goal-setting + weekly planner system into a binding system of your choice! Printed on bright white, 120 GSM recycled paper, our unpunched inserts can be punched for discs, ring planner systems, bound and more!

The MäksēLife system is a 2-in-1 weekly planner that simplifies setting + achieving your goals, in the same book that you manage your schedule, tasks, and responsibilities. No longer will your goals be in a book or system that is separate from where you plan the rest of your life. They will be front-and-center for the entire year (where they deserve to be), supporting you in living a purposeful & fulfilling life. 

Our 6-Month Undated Weekly Planner Inserts features everything you’ve come to love in a two-page weekly spread so that you can plan your week’s activities, with goal-setting included. 

We have also included habit tracking, gratitude, notes + reflections, and Life Coaching tips each week to further support you in living your best life. Our goal-setting system is integrated throughout the 6-months, including Monthly Goals and Weekly Actions spreads to help you stay anchored to your vision.

Our planner inserts have been thoughtfully designed with a clean aesthetic, allowing both functional and creative planners space and freedom to customize their planning as they desire. We’ve constructed our high-quality inserts using some of the best materials on the market, so they aren’t just functional, they are beautiful too!


  • 7x9 Size, Undated, Unbound 6-Month Weekly Planner
  • Available in Horizontal and Vertical Weekly Layouts
  • 2-Page Monthly Calendar
  • Beautifully Designed & Neutral Weekly Spread Pages
  • 13 Notes Pages
  • Laminated Pocket Folder
  • Goal-Setting Sticker Sheet



  • 21 Pages of Goal-Setting Instruction
  • Life Assessment
  • Annual Intentions and Word of the Year
  • Goal Brainstorming Page
  • Annual Goals Pages
  • Vision Board Spread
  • Goal Setting Tips
  • Monthly Goals
  • Weekly Notes & Reflections Pages
  • Weekly Actions
  • Weekly Life Coaching Tips by Sierra Friend
  • Monthly Reflections
  • Quarterly Life Assessment
  • Undated 6-month planner inserts
  • 21 pages of streamlined goal planning + instruction
  • Page size: 7 x 9 inches
  • 188 Pages
  • Thick 120gsm, recycled bright white paper
  • Full color printing on all pages with soy-based ink
  • Two-page Monthly calendar spread
  • Two-page Weekly calendar spread
  • Weekly Notes page *plus* 13 pages of notes in the back
  • Double-sided pocket folder for additional storage
  • Sturdy mylar-coated tabs
  • Page of matte goal-setting stickers

*PLEASE NOTE: These planner do NOT come with Covers. You will receive these inserts unpunched and unbound.