2023 Goal-Setting Series Part 1: 5 Steps to Setting Goals in 2023 with MäksēLife

2023 Goal-Setting Series Part 1: 5 Steps to Setting Goals in 2023 with MäksēLife

Wow, what a night to kick off the MäksēLife Goal-Setting Series!


In case you missed it, last night we kicked off our 3-part LIVE event on Youtube and Facebook! Check out the replay below or keep reading for a summary of what went down!

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Last night, Sierra (with the support of her co-host of the night, Chrissy) kicked off the series by introducing you to the MäksēLife System and walked you through the 5-Step Goal-Setting Process that you'll find inside all MäksēLife Goal-Setting Products.

We do goals differently here

Are you tired of setting goals that you never make progress on? Are you wishing you didn't look at the word goal with a negative connotation. 




That's why here at MäksēLife we do goals differently, my friend! Instead of focusing on external achievement as a measure of success, we focus on building your inner-wealth and have created a system that supports + gently guides your journey.

The 5-Steps to Setting Goals with MäksēLife 

1. The Compass Assessment (available as a free download here) 

Based off of Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs, Psychology, and Life Coaching/Life Management approach, our Compass Assessment is the cornerstone of the MäksēLife system and helps you establish a starting point before you set your goals for the year.

2. Setting Intentions (available as a free download here)

Take the information from your Compass Assessment and use your new insight to:

  • Identify what you want more/less of
  • Create habits and characteristics you want to nurture
  • Give yourself permission to let go of things that hold you back
  • Embrace what serves you best
  • Create a "Word of the Year" to guide your purpose in the New Year

3. Annual Goals + Vision (available as a free download here)

Using your Compass Assessment, identify what "Progress" will look like in each area of your life. Using our Three Goal Types structure, we encourage you to not only set those big, stretch goals, but to also set goals that will immediately improve how each area of your life is working.

4. Monthly Goals, Weekly Actions + Reflections (we'll go more in depth on these during Wednesday's session)

This is where the MäksēLife system truly works it's magic. Through weekly action and reflection you're able to see, in real time, what's working and what's not working as you make progress in your goals.


The MäksēLife system allows you to PLAY with your goals and gives you permission to review, revise and remove as necessary.


We didn't cover this too much last night, but join us Wednesday for a full breakdown of the importance of this step!

5. Reflect, Review + Adjust

Reflections give insight to all aspects of your goal-setting, ensuring your goals are always relevant.


By reflecting weekly and reviewing quarterly using our quarterly assessment, you will guarantee that your goals stay purposeful, relevant and soul-centered.



In case you missed it, last night Sierra announced that ClubMäksē, our Community Membership Program, is officially open for enrollment with a special year-end promotion!


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Homework to complete before Wednesday's session

Now, this is not required, by any means. BUT, if you'd like to keep up with the sessions, here's some homework before you watch Part 2:

  • Complete your Compass Assessment + be kind to yourself!
  • Fill out your Intentions for the New Year
  • Identify your goals in each area of life, and write them onto your Annual Goals
  • Join the FREE "Official MäksēLife" Facebook group!
  • Say "Hi!" and share your process, insights, or any questions you have!




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