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The MäksēLife system simplifies setting + following through with your goals, and is rooted and in the following Life-Coaching principles:
Viewing the world from an empowered stance, making powerful choices, and taking effective action.
Deriving deep meaning and satisfaction from life.
Fully experiencing the richness of any given moment.
goal-setting made easy
  • To create positive change in ALL areas of your life
  • To experience momentum + early wins in your goal-setting journey
  • A planning system that believes personal growth and building inner-wealth is as important as achieving your goals
  • To enjoy being surrounded by a loving and supportive community that embraces diversity, inclusion, and belonging #MakseFam
  • A simplified goal-setting system that’s easy to stick with throughout the year
As Seen In
The MäksēLife Planner is the reason why I have returned to consistent planning and in just a short time, it has helped me to enhance every area of my life. I am setting and achieving goals, and at the end of the week I feel accomplished instead of overwhelmed. I could never say that before with other planning systems I have used.
-Crystal H
I love MäksēLife so much, it's the closest to a dream planner I've ever found. I homeschool 3 kids via 2 different school systems, have pets and foster kittens, a new house, and a husband who works crazy hours, MäksēLife is the key to my sanity.
-Ramona B
This is the first planner/planning systems that I have actually used consistently. I can not overstate the value of the compass life assessment and being able to use that for annual goals and then monthly and weekly planning. The Makselife community has also been wonderful and helpful for me to remain accountable to my goals.
-Tenisia D
MäksēLife has allowed me not only to understand how much I can do within a week/month/quarter, but it also gives me space to grow. Even if I set too many goals and have a hard time accomplishing, I know that the next week is a fresh start and I can adjust. I love the feeling of a new week!
-Vishakha M