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MakseLife Goal Setting Planner

Horizontal Weekly Planner

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You need more than just another planner

The MakseLife system is a 2-in-1 weekly planner that simplifies setting + achieving your goals, in the SAME BOOK that you manage your schedule, tasks and responsibilities.

Our founding principles are backed by experience in working one-on-one and in group settings at Corporations and Universities over the past 2 decades.

To best support you, we have created a system that is:

ACCESSIBLE: Your vision and goals in the same place that you manage your life, schedule, routines & to-do’s.

SIMPLE: Easily integrating into your busy life without feeling overwhelming, intimidating, or time-consuming.

ACTIONABLE: Insight into all areas of your life, so you are clear on where to best spend your time and energy.

REPEATABLE: Cultivating the habit of taking action on your goals on a monthly + weekly basis.

What people are saying...

Carolyn F.

“MäksēLife is not only for the parents with busy families, but it is for anyone who appreciates having a well-balanced life!!!”


Melissa S.

“I was able to create very specific goals for each area of my life that directly aligned with my values and intentions based on my assessment results. One of the best parts of this planner is the feeling of being “in control” of my own life and the way I am spending my time. This is a direct result of categorizing my goals on a weekly basis, ensuring every area of my life is improving.”

Recent College Graduate

Danielle E.

“Writing my goals using this system simplifies how I manage my life as a mom and small business owner. I’ve been writing goals for as long as I can remember and The Makselife planner has elevated my goal planning to the next level, helping to keep me on task in my life in ways other systems haven’t.”

Small Business Owner + Mom to twins

Christina I.

“Having a husband in the military means our lives can be hectic and ever-changing. MäksēLife takes the guess-work out of organizing my life, so I can spend more time with those that matter most.”


Christy C.

“This planner helped keep me accountable for taking action in the areas that would make the greatest impact in my life moving forward. I’ve enjoyed having a space to dream and create a road map of the new adventures that lie ahead.”


Shannon P.

I now have a place where I can manage and organize my business and family schedule AND keep track of my short and long term goals. I love having everything I need in one beautifully designed book so that I get a glimpse of my goals and schedule, daily. I immediately feel better after doing my goals. My mental load is lightened by planning my week this way.”

Entrepreneur + Mother of three

Meghan W.

“As a working Mom, I often feel pulled in many directions. I have tried to use other planners in the past and they usually end up collecting dust after a week or two. The MäksēLife planner is completely different. It is the perfect combination of personal and professional. I have been able to keep my professional life organized, my family’s life on track and still have space for my personal life (which is always the first area to be neglected). This is huge for me. I feel like I finally understand what people mean by ‘life balance’.”

Self-employed + Mother of two

Jenny P.

The way the goals process is laid out, removes the fear of failing for me. The critical element of not achieving my goals is gone and in its place is the grace and freedom to make adjustments where I see fit. I feel more in control and am also kinder to myself if I can’t accomplish everything- next week is always a new beginning!”

Stay-at-Home-Mom of three, Artist + Small Business Owner