Digital Planning

This isn’t just a digital planner, it’s the whole kit-and-kaboodle: goal-setting, weekly planning, daily planning, note-taking, journaling, and more are all available for tablet use. Our digital goal-setting planning system has everything our printed planners include…and a whole lot more. On top of the Compass Assessment, intention-setting, annual and monthly goal-setting, reflections, and weekly actions, you’ll also get templates, reflection journals for deeper exploration, and other helpful tools. Write as much as you want, you’ll never run out of space.

Customize to your heart’s content with digital stickers and multiple cover options. You can even add free downloadable tools and resources from our extensive library. Our digital system is designed to work with Android and IOS note-taking apps (we recommend GoodNotes or Noteshelf). It’s fully interactive with easy-to-navigate hyperlinks and shortcuts because at MäksēLife, we’re all about supporting what works best for you. 

Watch our digital planning system in action in this tutorial video. We also have an amazing Facebook group where people share successes, challenges, planning tips, and more.