2023 Goal-Setting Series Part 2: Breaking Your Goals Down into Monthly Goals + Weekly Actions

2023 Goal-Setting Series Part 2: Breaking Your Goals Down into Monthly Goals + Weekly Actions

Last night, Sierra and Darian kept the Goal-Setting Series Party going with Part 2! In Part 2, Sierra discussed what is quite possibly the bread and butter of the MäksēLife system: Breaking your goals down into Monthly Goals, Weekly Actions and Reflections!


Check out the replay below

If you can, I highly suggest taking an hour to watch the video replay - there were so many golden nuggets of permission and wisdom for approaching your goals in 2023. 

Here's a quick rundown...

We kicked off the live with some permission from Sierra and a sneak peek into what ClubMäksē is leaning into in 2023...


When we feel our best (physically, mentally and emotionally) we do our best. Keep this at the forefront of your mind when you're writing your goals for 2023. 2023 is the year that we treat our well-being as the utmost importance and start to build that life that feels good from the inside, out.

Deal? Deal.


Okay, moving on...


Monthly Goals, Weekly Actions and Reflections are the part of the MäksēLife Goal-Setting system that gives you room to PLAY with your goals. With our process you have permission to review, revise and remove goals as you grow and change throughout the year.


That means no more outdated or un-motivating goals! Your goals and actions will always meet you where you're at thanks to fresh starts every month and every week.


Monthly Focus

This area of your planner is where you can be mindful about what you want your main focus to be in each area of life. 


Your monthly focus can be:

  • Goal Specific
  •  An Intention
  • A Mantra
  • An Affirmation


Your focus should support YOU in that area of life! Ask yourself questions like:

  • What goals are you working on?
  • What is most important?
  • What do you need?
  • How do you want to feel?
  • What are you managing?
  • What is required of you?
  • How can you support yourself in this area?


Monthly Goals

Your Monthly Goals are a chunk-down and check-in of your Annual Goals and more!


  • What actions support your focus?
  • Review your Annual Goals: What can you accomplish this month?
  • Review previous months' goals + assess: What are your accomplishments? Celebrate + log those wins! What needs to be carried over/removed?
  • What habits/routines do you want to nurture?
  • Consider actions for events, dates or deadlines.
  • "What do I want/need to accomplish this month?" (in each area of life)

Weekly Reflections

Your Weekly Reflections are a powerful way to take your growth and learning deeper, allowing you to start fresh each week with a greater sense of direction and purpose.


Using our Weekly Reflections page each week and answering the reflection questions (what are my wins this week? What worked this week? What didn't work this week? What lessons did I learn this week? What adjustments are needed going into next week?) will give you a greater sense of self-awareness in your process and will allow you to make quick shifts to gain momentum on goals you may feel stuck on.


Weekly Actions  

First things first, your weekly actions are just that - action steps you're taking towards your goals this week. Your weekly actions pages should not be confused with weekly goals (we don't use weekly "goals" in the MäksēLife system).


Ask yourself: 

  • What adjustments do you want to make this week?
  • What needs to be carried over/removed from last week?
  • What actions support your monthly focus?
  • Review your monthly goals, what can you accomplish this week?
  • What habits/routines are you working on?
  • Consider actions for events, dates or deadlines.
  • What do I want/need to accomplish this week? (in each area of life)

Monthly Reflections + Quarterly Assessment

Continuously check-in with what's working, what's not working, adjustments you want to make, and assess how you're feeling about your progress.



Our Part 2 session ended with a juicy Q+A where Sierra answered questions like...


"What if I don't know how to break my bigger goals down into smaller steps?"

"How do you document goals that may overlap into different areas of life?"

"Would it ever be ideal to map out annual goals to monthly goals ahead of time?"

"How would progress and maintenance goals look when doing monthly goals and weekly actions?"

Check out the video replay to hear Sierra's answers and words of wisdom!


Keeping up with the action steps following each Goal-Setting Series session? Here's your homework before joining us for Part 3:

  • Complete your homework from Part 1
  • Jump into your Monthly Goals and Weekly Actions this month! Don't overthink it and take messy action as you find your flow. 
  • Keep working on your longer term goals and vision if you haven't finished
  • Join the FREE MäksēLife Facebook Group, say "Hi!" and share your process, insights, or any questions you have.


See you tomorrow, Friday, December 9th, for Part 3!

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