How to Stop Procrastinating On Your Goals

How to Stop Procrastinating On Your Goals

With the end of the year approaching, you may be looking at a long list of your 2022 goals and panicking: "HOW am I going to get all of this done in 6 weeks?!".
Here's the honest truth, friend - You probably aren't. And THAT'S OKAY!
BUT (there's always a but, isn't there 😉), there may be a goal or two nagging at you to give them a little TLC before your new planner starts. The goals that you've been putting off week after week, but deep down know you want to gain some momentum on.
To get momentum, often all that’s needed is to break the seal—once you take that first step and get started it's easy to keep going with minimal accountability (Love when that happens!).
However, for some of the those peskier, harder, less desirable, less of our “strengths” actions, it requires more discipline and accountability. Instead of focusing only on identifying the "next best step", the key to breaking through procrastination is to focus on scheduling the time, and installing bullet-proof accountability.

Follow these 5 steps this week for the more "disciplined" approach on ending goal-procrastination:

1. Identify ONE goal you keep putting off.
2. Schedule 15 minutes in your calendar where you’re going to work on it this week, and treat it as you would any other appointment on your schedule.
3. When that appointment comes, set a timer and work on it for a minimum of 15 minutes, no matter what! If you work for longer, great! But make sure it’s a minimum of 15 minutes, with NO DISTRACTIONS!
4. When your timer goes off, schedule the next 15 minute block for the next step that you’re going to work on ***before you move to the next thing in your day***. I recommend scheduling these sessions once a day, but this may not always be necessary on some goals. 
5. Create a consequence that you will NOT want to pay up on with an Accountability Partner that is outside of your inner circle (it's too easy to talk our way out of accountability the closer we are to people). Make sure they hold you accountable for each of these 15 minute work sessions. Repeat until your goal is complete, is ready to be revised, adjusted, or removed.
Try this 5-step system on a goal this week. The confidence you'll gain from making even the smallest bit of progress will help propel you to end the year strong!


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