Notebooks + Journals

At MäksēLife, we’re here to support your journey, your way. Our A5 journals, notebooks, and folios help you build a fully customized system based on what you want to focus on, and what works best for you. In addition to dot-grid notebooks for jotting down sudden bursts of inspiration and goal-setting companion notebooks that work with existing planners, we also have reflection journals and other tools for deeper exploration.

Reflecting on your actions, thoughts, and feelings is one of the most powerful tools in the MäksēLife system, so we created a daily reflection notebook that goes beyond the monthly reflections you’ll find in our flagship planners. Each day you’ll celebrate your wins, then explore what didn’t work and why. With our intention journal, you’ll stay focused on your “why” to live each day more purposefully and intentionally. And our gratitude journal guides you in a daily gratitude practice, something that can dramatically improve well-being, self-esteem, resilience, and joy. Each includes written prompts to help you identify growth opportunities, process emotions, and create more harmony in your life from an empowered, self-aware place.

Mix-and-match these notebooks and journals to create your own system, then corral them in a folio so they’re never far from reach.