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Weekly Coaching Tip Stickers

Calling #TeamDaily and #TeamCompanionNotebooks... you can now integrate weekly coaching tips into your planner system!

One of the more beloved features of our Flagship planners are the Weekly Life Coaching Tips where our Founder Sierra offers timely guidance along your goal-setting journey. Sierra has used her time of working 1:1 with her clients through the years to thoughtfully craft tips that speak to common pitfalls and challenges that happen through the calendar year. Gentle and perfectly timed reminders to dare to grow, rest and not quit, how to find grace and gratitude, and to embrace the messy bits along the way! 

Each sticker is labeled by week, printed on matte sticker paper, and is perfectly sized to fit on A5 pages.

Sticker packs include 9 pages/53 individual planner stickers–one for each week, PLUS A BONUS TIP that's not included in our planners (and it's one of our favorite tips, too!)