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2021 artists
Thobi Brown
of @CallMeThobs

Thobi Brown is a self-taught and nationally recognized calligrapher, artist, and illustrator. When Thobi isn’t spreading kindness and motivating others with her artful affirmations, she spends her days teaching elementary school children in Louisville, KY, where she was born and raised and currently resides.

Thobi loves making others laugh, and believes wholeheartedly that each one of us can make a positive impact in the world.

Thobi uses her art and social platforms to bring awareness to racial injustices and other prevalent inequalities that are occurring today. She believes everyone deserves to feel like they belong and has made this the foundation from which she has built a loyal following and community.

You can find Thobi and her artwork on Instagram: @CallMeThobs

Jess Park
of @jeshypark

Jess Park is a California-based artist and author of the book Watercolor Lettering: A Step-by-Step Workbook for Painting Embellished Scripts and Beautiful Art that is sold worldwide. Jess’ loose watercolor and modern calligraphy work pulls inspiration from the colors and shapes of beautiful objects in the world around her, and her style is best described as playful and colorful.

Jess has worked with well-known companies such as Princeton Brush Co., Michaels, Sakura of America, Blick, Tombow, and Logitech but is also passionate about teaching budding artists. Most recently she collaborated with Joann Stores to create watercolor, illustration, and lettering workshops on the online platform, Creativebug.

Jess continues to teach and encourage aspiring artists through her lettering guides, online and face-to-face workshops, and large social media presence.

Jess’ message has always been to have fun while creating, and she spreads this positive message through her work from which she has built a loyal following and community.

You can find jess and her artwork on Instagram: @jeshypark

2020 artists
Peggy Dean
of @ThePigeonLetters

Peggy Dean is a nationally recognized freelance artist, a best-selling author and an award-winning educator. She is the founder of The Pigeon Letters—a platform to inspire and provide resources to anyone with a passion to create.

As a self-taught artist born into creativity through mental health, she promotes embracing the imperfections and living out loud.

In addition, she’s made it a mission to incorporate her deeply-rooted love of animals into her bottom line by continuing to support the rescue, rehabilitation and preservation of wildlife into her bottom line.

She lives and works in Portland, OR and travels the world for speaking engagements and hands-on workshops.

You can find peggy and her artwork on Instagram: @thepigeonletters