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As a dual-certified Life & Business Coach since 2005, Sierra has facilitated workshops, accountability groups, and coached individuals on the process of setting and achieving their goals. Her experience of working 1:1 with people as they navigate through personal growth stages has given her a skilled vantage point on common issues and roadblocks that show up when creating change.

She quickly observed that although offering valuable insight, cumbersome and time-consuming goal systems were not effective in motivating people to take action. Sierra found that simple and repeatable habits focused on all areas of a person’s life are the sweet-spot that offers the most significant impact, with the highest rate of follow-through.

Over the last decade, she has refined and simplified her goal-setting system and watched as her clients experienced a greater sense of control and satisfaction in their life using these core concepts. Fewer steps working IN the goals and more time working ON the goals = more significant results. In the case of busy and time-burdened individuals, action surpassed the results of preparation every single time.

Armed with this insight, she felt a large missing piece in the marketplace for systems that embraced this philosophy–where one could manage goals + life plans into one seamless and straightforward process. Sierra decided it was time to design a planner that supported the efforts of creating a life you love AND managing your appointments, tasks, and routines in one book.

MäksēLife was born from her love of clean design and functional aesthetic, mixed with her desire to help others get back in touch with the purpose behind their daily routine and tasks with a simple and effective all-in-one system.

As an active member of the online planning community for many years, Sierra served on several design teams of some of the best-selling planners & planning supplies on the market. This experience has given her a unique perspective on what people who use paper planners are looking for when choosing their preferred planning system. She has taken significant consideration into the configuration and quality of materials used when designing our products.

When Sierra isn’t busy dreaming up new ways to support our community members to live their best life, you can find her advocating for social justice issues or in nature hugging trees, small animals, and one of the three special guys in her life named above.