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Building inner-wealth is our definition of success
Who you become in the process of working towards your goals is as important, if not more, than crossing the finish-lines of achievement.
We are committed to helping people recognize and own their personal power.
We believe every person inherently possesses the ability to create meaningful and lasting changes in their life, no matter their history or circumstance.
Freedom, flexibility, and permission are the pillars of our goal-setting philosophy.
We believe life should feel good from the inside out, and this process will look different for everyone—continually evolving as we learn and grow through different seasons of life.
We embrace process over perfection.
We welcome setbacks and failures, as they are as valuable in our growth + learning as wins and successes are.
We celebrate progress.
We aim to remove the fear of failure and shame often associated with setting goals, by celebrating even the smallest of wins, regardless of outcomes.
We believe that a spirit of curiosity and gratitude is the secret to a life of joy and resiliency.
Adversity is often the pathway to greatness; therefore, we embrace the messy bits too. We seek to find the opportunity for growth and gratitude in all situations.
The MäksēLife family is rooted in inclusion, acceptance, and love of a diverse and global community.
We celebrate diversity and value the unique experiences and perspectives of all people.
Operational decisions are rooted in our ability to create a positive impact in the world.
We actively seek opportunities to share our blessings and utilize our platform to benefit the environment and members of marginalized communities.
Quality, service, and support are the heart of our offering to our customers.
We strive to make our community feel supported in creating life change through high-quality and heart-centered products + services.