Welcome to Makselife.com

Welcome to Makselife.com

Hello friend, and welcome to the brand new home of the MäksēLife Goal-Setting + Planner System!

This website has been a labor of love over the last 7 months, and we're so excited to finally be revealing it to you and stepping into this new chapter within our company. Here are some highlights that we wanted to share with you:


Free Printables

Our Free Printables library  has gotten a glow-up, with each printable now featured proudly on our website. Now, you'll be able to see what printables you can access for free on Makselife.com. We'll also be able to understand what ones you're most excited about (so we can add more throughout 2023!). So check out our free printables library here and start downloading your freebies!


About Page

Our About Page is, quite possibly, my favorite page on the new MäksēLife website. On our old website, you had to dig to find out about Makselifes' history, values, and philosophy. Now, they're front and center, so you can learn all about MäksēLife and the amazing humans who are here to support you when you join the #MakseFam!



ClubMäksē is our Monthly Membership Program that helps you clarify what truly matters to you, overcome mental barriers, and reach your goals to create the life you want. Since it launched in May of 2021, ClubMäksē has become a safe space for hundreds of our community members to connect, get vulnerable in their process and make incredible life-changing shifts. We're so glad to finally give it the space it deserves on our website!


P.S. ClubMäksē is opening again on December 5th! Check out the page here and sign up for the waitlist while you're there!



Have you checked out our new Apparel yet?? If you haven't, browse here to find your next inspirational t-shirt or hoodie (seriously, they're SO comfy!). All of our Apparel has gotten a major upgrade with upgraded fabric quality and printing to make them the best you can get!


Need some inspiration? I'm currently living in my MäksēLife Joggers and Emotional Support Hoodie (size up for extra emotional support)!



We're so excited that we can finally add reviews straight to our website! Now you can share your love of Makselife on our website and even include pictures and videos in your reviews! PLUS, you even get rewarded MaksePoints* when you submit a product review - how cool is that?! All you have to do is go to the product page that you want to review, scroll down to the bottom, and you'll see the reviews box!


*Not sure if you're signed up for rewards? Click here to learn more!



For the last 3 years, MäksēLife has supported you through your goal-setting journey on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. At the forefront of everything we've done, we've been encouraging you to Just Begin and embrace the messy bits of life and your goals journey.

We're thrilled to finally be bringing more content like this to you in blog format. From goal-setting tips, motivational speeches, business updates, guest posts from your fellow #MakseFam and more - you can expect regular blog posts to go live every month!


Have a request for a future blog post? Send an email to Chrissy@makselife.com with your ideas!


Welcome, again, friend. We're thrilled you're here reading our first blog post and cannot wait to do 2023 (and beyond) with you!


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