2023 Goal-Setting Series Part 3: Mastering your Mindset

2023 Goal-Setting Series Part 3: Mastering your Mindset

Last night, Sierra and Darian delivered the final part of the 2022 MäksēLife Goal-Setting Series: Mastering your Mindset.

 In case you missed it, make sure you catch up on Part 1 and Part 2 of our Goal-Setting Series before diving in to Part 3!


If you haven't listened to Sierra speak on mindset before, I highly encourage you to take some time to watch the replay. Just like in our Goal-Setting Planners, this recording is full of inspiration and permission as you set goals for the new year.

Here's a quick rundown...


Mindset is by far the most important aspect of goal-setting. If it was as easy as identifying a goal and writing it down then we'd all be crushing it. Our mind gets in the way from us taking action and making progress on the goals that we set and the goals that we may even want the most.


Being intentional with your thoughts, what you tell yourself and how you react to negative thoughts that may arise is the most important thing when it comes to pursuing a life that fires us up.


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What you do with your mindset can either be an asset or a liability. The more we feed our mindset more good stuff, the more it becomes an asset to support us through anything.

Let's talk about Sierra's 3 most important mindset hacks that you can bring with you as you set goals and work towards them in 2023.

Growth + Learning vs Outcomes

It's time to start thinking of our goal-setting journey as more than our accomplishments. This journey you're on is more than the goals that you set. As you embark on this journey towards a life that fires you up, you'll find that you learn and grow so much along the way.


Your goals may even change! As you grow you may realize that a goal you set in January is no longer aligned with the you of today and that's okay. This is why adopting a mindset of growth + learning vs outcomes is so important.


We hear often, "if I don't achieve my goals, I've failed" or "I'm afraid to set goals because I never follow through".


Let's hack these thoughts and turn them into something healthier; something that supports the growth journey that we're actually on:


"Building inner-wealth is my main objective. I will be flexible in the pursuit of my goals and I welcome any setbacks, challenges, or detours that occur because I am continuously learning about myself and becoming better! I AM MORE THAN MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS"


Growth vs Fixed Mindset

With a growth mindset, anything is possible... Check out the graphics below for some helpful shifts that will help you shift from a fixed mindset, into a growth mindset.


As you read through this list (Sierra and Darian also talk through it at 19:12 in the recording above), apply the statements to your feelings around the goals you're setting. If there's anything in the fixed mindset column that applies to you, take a note of it and make a goal to work on this mindset shift for 2023.


Check out the video recording for some important mindset re-frames that you can use throughout the year!

Curiosity vs Judgment

In every opportunity you have, pay attention to the words you use and the labels (right/wrong, good/bad, succeed/fail, etc.) that we assign to certain things. How much more powerful could those statements be if we stop passing judgment and start asking questions?


Here are some powerful questions to increase curiosity and get your mind out of the judgment zone:

What is the lesson?

How is this making me better?

How am I growing?

What have I accomplished?

What new information have I learned about myself?

How can I turn this into a WIN?

How can I adjust my goal/path to work better for me?


When you're feeling stuck, fearful, or discouraged, ask yourself:

What messaging do I have around this right now? 

What meaning am I making of this?

How can I reframe what I'm telling myself into a growth mindset perspective?

Where's the lesson?

How is this serving me?

How can I grow from this?

What small action can I take RIGHT NOW to support my reframe?


Remember, "There is no "fail". You either win or you learn.

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Thank you so much for joining us for our 2022 Goal-Setting Series! As always, if you have any questions or would like additional support you can join our Free Facebook Group, email us at hello@makselife.com or join ClubMäksē to take your learning and inner-growth journey further!

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